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Friday, July 17, 2009

Peace of mind amidst debts

Can we still have peace of mind amidst surmounting debts?

Collectors are tormenting us, nagging , putting us down, trying to destroy our self dignity?

We can find refuge, only GOD can save us and give us peace amidst our financial crisis.
We need to put our trust in HIM.


millionpesoman said...

hi ms. hopeful,

i really find this short entry very uplifting. when i came home today, my brother welcomed me with a, "may tumawag na attorney kanina. ipapa-deport daw nila si papa kung di tayo makakabayad ng utang." i was so tired from work, so it didn't really register until i saw my kuya's face, obviously afraid that this may happen.

you see, my mom and dad went abroad to work and save money to pay our debts here in the philippines. i'm the one handling their accounts so usually, the banks call me. the past month i have received less calls because i am currently on the night shift. i used to be afraid of these people, too, and their seemingly legal "threats" of different types. i have at least 6 collection agencies calling me regarding these payments.

anyway, to cut it short, i no longer fear them because i know God is there. honestly, i feel ashamed that i didn't turn to God directly for comfort. i turned to Google and found this site. after reading posts of mr. banker and others, i found emotional strength and helpful knowledge. but it is only after i read this post that i found renewed spiritual strength.

you do not know how much this helped me achieve peace of mind in the midst of dire need. it's true, when we have God, no one can take away our peace.

thanks a lot and i hope God blesses you more for blessing others.

ms. hopeful said...

thanks for the inspiring comment, i am more encourage to continue helping others not for the praises and recognition but to respond to GOD's calling to be a blessing to others.

the joy of serving others comforts my wearied heart.

kebab23 said...

Hello Millionpesoman,

Have same dilemma as yours, been hunting by 8 CAs, lahat jurassic maningil. Trying to cope pero siyempre all they do is to harass and embarrass us...un man lang makapanalasa sila dahil sa mga utang natin na hindi naman natin sinadya kung bakit naging delinquent.

How i wish an organization with high decision will act on this matter.

For now, all we have to do is pray and ask for God's guidance. That HE may saved us from the evildoers.