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Monday, September 8, 2008

Tips on Solvency

I have gathered these tips from friends and mentors, please feel free to add yours:

1. Prayer and intent to be solvent. Include cleansing of negative thoughts, pouring out to GOD, acknowledging the sin of mishandling my finances. Asking God for guidance and determination to be a good steward of HIS financial blessings and to give honor to HIM first by returning the Tithes.
2. Financial assessment. Take stock of all my liabilities, prioritze. List available Assets.
3. Set up a budget.
3. Tracking down expenses and compare against budget.
4. Live within my means and live frugally. I should spend less than my earnings.
5. Cut up my credit cards .
6. Stop debting. Always pay in cash.
7. Dispose idle assets and convert junks to cash.
8. Avoid eating out, bring packed lunch to work.
9. Eat more veggies.
10. Save and build up an emergency fund.

please add more....

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