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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Magsimula ka (let us start anew)

Magsimula ka by Leo Valdez
composed by Gines Tan

I am inspired by this song, may this reminds us that there is new hope all we need is to ask GOD to help us in our journey to financial freedom.
Hope you like it too.


Banker said...

Hi Rose,
nice one.You have already started, just dont realized that maybe?

Leo is a childhood friend. we grew up together. Hmmm.... wonder where he is now?

ms. hopeful said...

hi ren,
thanks for dropping by and the encouragement. sometimes i felt i have not really started since i do not see expected results like debt reduction.

about leo, is he from Davao too or negros? hehe, ka age level kayo. you sing together too?

Banker said...

You cannot see the forest when you only see the trees.

We're both from Neg.Occ. but he sings well,I dont.pang-substiture lang. ^-^

drew said...

hey Sis. Rose,

The Lord always give us chance to start all over again..I heard a preacher once said...if your spiritually weak..You have to go back to the BASIC..that's a good start!...I'm praying now to start a financial freedom..!