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Thursday, May 15, 2008

My goal

Hoping to be debt free. Where do i begin. My credit card debt is overwhelming and scary just like in horror movies. If only i could rewind and start all over again during those days when i have no single credit card. But it is over, i have to face reality. First i have to accept and to forgive myself for mishandling my finances. It is not too late . I have to set my goal. Debt reduction of 25% for this year.


Tony Tovar said...

Hi! Moolah is a slang term used to denote "money." And I think you are taking the right positive approach about becoming debt free. Then ultimately financially free. Check out a few of the websites that are on my blogroll and look for the Snow Flaking Debt websites too! I'd be happy to give you some links if you please.

ms. hopeful said...

to tony tovar,
thanks for the comment and visiting my blog, please do send me the links.
do you have debts too?

Banker said...

wow! nice blog color - lady like talaga.

wishes do come true.

Anonymous said...

wow very nice