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Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 1

The bank responded to my request for reconsideration to convert mybalance of 60k to 24 months installment at a lower interest rate from 3.5% to 1.5%. Last month , i was denied when i applied thru their agent over the phone, i was disappointed when i was told that my request was disapproved for undisclosed reason. That did not stop me, i emailed their customer service yesterday and they respond favorably. The bank account officer called me to confirm my request.
I have stopped using my card, few months back.
I am thanking the LORD for answering my prayers and for guidance.
He sent me a new friend whom he uses to give comfort and guidance thru the stressfull times in handling my unnecessary fears.
To my friend, i am forever grateful.
GOD is awesome.

1 comment:

Banker said...

A Poser:
How can you be sure that you owe that much without a formal document?

Food For Thought:

If MERALCO collector will say you owe them P20,000.00 electric bill, would you go ahead paying or arranging an Agreement right away?

Be wary - for the world is full of trickery.