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Saturday, December 4, 2010

blessings from my vacation

thanking GOD for the blessings  i enjoyed during my short but refreshing  vacation
thanks for Cebu pacific Air for sponsoring my fare at a huge discount
for bonding with Jacob and Julianne , my cousin's sons in Cavite where i spent my first night.
for my stay with maggie in her orphanage , met  again Maxie and CJ,  and the new housemates panda , princess forgot  the names of the other 3.
i also met maggie's friend rhea , thanks to maggie for  "my amnesia girl"  :)

for the "diskarte EB which was great and wonderful , lots of  food, smiles, hugs  and  stories.
thanks so much for the advance christmas gifts, i did not expect it.
the night out was cool.
also for the hotel accomodation ,  it was  great , very comfortable.
thanks for the facilitators and to those who attended and contributed
i will  keep these memories in my heart.

1 comment:

keihimekawa said...

Too bad I wasn't able to attend the Diskarte EB T_T