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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Things i want to do or do again

Life is a journey and i want to savor each step of the way.
Assuming i can do all things i love to do , no boundaries, no restrictions, no beliefs, with all possibilities.  this list is random.
I want to -
1.  Pursue taking and passing the bar exam.
2.  Go to Macau with my two sons.
3.  File an annulment case :)
4.  Be with a "friend"  in  an island  with a beach and a cottage
5   Earn dollars
6   Have my hair rebonded
7   Stay for a vacation in a 5 star hotel resort in Tagaytay for 3 days
8   Pamper myself with a body spa.
9   Be physically fit , flat tummy
10 Walking   early in the morning for 30minutes daily
11  Eat durian
12  Swim in a pool or beach at least once a week
13  sky dive
14  try zip lining
15  eat ice cream
16  teach  children in church outreach
to be continued

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