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Friday, June 25, 2010

Feature : Poem of the week - "GOD'S call by: dragon76(wdc)

by wdc

I was there in the darkest of age
Alone and weary and my heart was caged
No one knows, nobody understands
What I’ve been thru and what’s my stand

I am a bad and a hurtfull sinner
Unworthy of anyone’s love and care
I deal with life just like a game
I play with people without a shame                                                                    

Until one day that I met this man
He smiled at me and reached for my hand
Not a total stranger i know this one
But why care to someone who’s heart is gone

“I am your friend” he Smilingly said
“today and tomorrow, till the very end”
“No matter what you were in the past,
It’s a brand new day for your life at last”

Speechless I was with puzzled thoughts
As he flashes back the life’s battles I fought
Problems, betrayals, sorrows and pains
With all these things my heart was maimed.

“My son, My dear beloved son,
the shine of your faith has just begun
you’ve heard my call from deep within your soul
just follow my lead in achieving your goal”

“All your needs I shall provide
I’ll deal with your problems so set them aside,
In your coming fights I’ll be your shield
And all your enemies shall cry and yield
All these things you shall cherish
Believe ME forever and you shall not perish….”

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