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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My 2010 Declaration

(photo courtesy of harvill)

I believe in the power of GOD , in HIS perfect will and intent in our lives.

By GOD's grace this year will be my very best yet, regardless of the economy, regardless of circumstances because I am committed to making the best of anything and everything that happens! I am committed to making courageous decisions and taking decisive action toward the goals I’ve set.

I declare myself free of…

Relationship issues

and to embrace…

A fulfilling job
A comfortable home
A purposeful life


bunny said...

Ms Hopeful this is my first time to write on a blog,i just really need your help. My credit card was victimized by a scam of an insurance company because of my ignorance and carelessness. It was my first time to have one and i didn't even applied for it. The bank just send it to me maybe because i have an existing savings account with them. I thought it was like an atm card that has a pin code so when the insurance agent asked for it i thought it was just for identification purposes. She asked it with my IDs. Unfortunately,i cant run after the insurance company because i signed some damned documents. At first,with the help of your blog, I was pretty confident because i have no job, i also dont own any property. I'm living with my husband,though we're not married. He's an only son, his father was already dead and his mother worked abroad. So their house, 4 door apartments and a computer shop was left to us. The collection agency said they made an ocular survey and they know that we own the shop. Honestly,i dont feel i need to pay the money because unlike others who really spend their credits,i didn't use a single centavo in the account. They said they would file a case in the barangay to prove thatwe own the computer shop and that we're capable to pay. I told i dont have any right in my husband's property because we're not married and they're actually just from his parents. HELP!!!They said they'll schedule the barangay meeting tomorrow! Help Ms. hopeful...Thank you

ms. hopeful said...


tell the baranggay that they have no business with this scammers, it is not under their jurisdiction. Just ignore them. Did you file a complaint against them for the scam they did to u? you can email us at for follow up queries or you can join our forum.