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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

reminder - Say no to impulse buying

On Impulse Buying

This is one cause of overspending. I seldom go

to malls to avoid temptations. Advertisers are

luring consumers desire for instant gratification,

urging us to buy their products so we will feel

good about ourselves.

before i decide to buy , i remind myself to take

the buying self test to determine whether it

would be a wise decision and delay the purchase,

often i end up not purchasing it anymore.

here is the buying self test suggested by

Consumer Credit Counselling of Sacramento,

California :
1. Do I really need this?
2. Is the price reasonable?
3. Is this the best time of the year to buy?
4. If this is bargain, is it current or suitable

5. If its on sale, is the price a true sale?
6. Am i sure no-less expensive item can be

7. Am I sure there are no major disadvantages?
8. If excessive in price, will it truly satisfy an

inner need?
9. Have i comparison-shopped for price and

10. Have I allowed for this item in my spending

11. Do I know the seller's reputation?
12. Does the seller offer any special services with

this item?

Scoring :
9-11 yes answers - Consider buying the item
6-8 yes answers - Think again.
Fewer than 6 - Forget it.

(source: Consumer Credit Counselling Service of Sacramento, California,

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