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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The heavy burden of carrying credit card debts

This pic was forwarded to me from one of the co-member of my support group, it reminds me of my past carrying the heavy load of paying minimum amount due of my credit card bills. My first card i had was with Equitable that was 10 years ago, after two years i was approved by citibank. I was paying diligently. It was manageable then until i was out of job. i had several cards few years later. i depended on them and did not realize soon enough that these debts are controlling my life.

I thank GOD for lifting the heavy load for me thru sincere people who are willing to help without asking or expecting any return. Having peace in the midst of trouble comes from the source of peace and love. Knowing that i am not alone in this struggle is a great relief.

To those people , you know who you are , thank you so much.


Millionaire Acts said...

Hello, I invite you to visit my blog as well as I think we are on the same niche of achieving financial freedom. :)

CCX said...

Let's not forget we are in control and not any of these plastic cards.

Bless you and readers.
My Life Without CC

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Hopeful!!!! :D:D:D How are you???

I'm back. Hehehehe. Sorry I lost touch for so long. I had pressing schedules and concerns for the past 6 months. Oh well, ala pang nagbabago. I still get my demand letters. In fact, nire-receive ko pa ung iba. Pero deadma nalang ang lola mo pagkatapos. Hope you and banker don't think I have completely lost touch. I still owe my peace of mind to our blog and all enlightenment has served to propel me even in the midst of all my credit card debts (hiho! I haven't settled any!). I have transferred to a new default blog site but I am still maintaining the old site. You will see the link in my old site. Hope to hear from you. And many thanks to you and Tito Rene for still being here. :)

ms. hopeful said...

hi EJ,

na miss ka namin, may refer sana ako sa iyo, where can i email u?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Hopeful, e-mail me at