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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy hearts day

Heart vs mind

The heart is the most important organ of the body.

Upliftment comes from the heart.

The function of the mind is always justifying, rationalizing, using logic and practical argument. This is fair, that is unfair, this is right, that is wrong, etc.

Why the heart? Because God dwells. The heart will always forgive, the heart will always make concessions, the heart is capable of great sacrifices for the sake of other's happiness, heart will make correct decisions despite objections from the mind.

A mother will go hungry to feed her hungry children yet feel happy in seeing her children happy after being fed.
A father will toil, sweat and labour to ensure his family have food on the table.
An older brother will always protect his younger brother from being bullied.
An older sister will always make extra effort to ensure her younger siblings get on correctly.
A good friend will immediately reach into his pocket when he hears his best friend has not eaten due to some unforseen circumstances.
Total strangers can risk their lives to save someone in trouble.

These are always decisions born of the heart not the mind.

I learn not to allow external factors affect me.

I am what I am.

Nothing is going to change that except me.

Look into your heart and you will find upliftment.

Remembering the Sacred Heart of GOD

we can always seek solace and comfort within our heart

where we are forever connected to our creator.

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